What do you need to know about private hire and taxis?

There are many humans who don’t have a car or their own vehicle in which they could travel easily or drop their kids or family members to their schools or any other places. Such people are always looking for taxis or private hires. All they want is cheap travelling service, which only a few people could get. Have you got the cheapest travelling service ever? If no, then it means you need to know about taxis and private hires. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to go to your workplaces for cheap on your own. So, make it affordable by learning the basics.

Taxis and private hires are the services that provide assistance to the public in travelling. They both are available in all places in the country. So, it doesn’t mean that you are forced to use any one of them at any moment.

However, there are some differences between them. Some of the basic differences are:

Public Transport

Taxis are basically made for all public in which a lady or man can travel alone. On the other hand, private hires are private. There are many private cab services which provide cab services. Such services’ provision is called private hire.


You can have a taxi anywhere easily. You don’t need to make any booking. However, in private hires, you need to book a car. You need to go to the website of the preferred travelling service and confirm the ride. You can then track the location of the driver or the car. You would have all the information about the car. Whereas in taxis, you may don’t know the name of the driver, at many times. All you can know is the colour.


All taxis are roaming on roads in black colour. And it is the colour which will tell you which one of the two cars is a taxi. On the other hand, private hires are available in different cars, except black.


Drivers! That’s the main point. Drivers of both services are trained and well behaved. The difference arrives in their skills. Drivers of taxis are very much experienced. They know ways of many of the roads. They pass through a long process to become a driver of taxis. That’s why they have CBR checked and PCO approved a license. However, on the other hand, drivers of private hire have knowledge about ways and roads, but not as much as public transport drivers have. Yet, they get a license in less span of time after training for a few months. But they need to be indulged with any company. They cannot work on their own like taxis drivers.


Fare is the main point. It is the one which decides what should be preferred the most. So dear public transport users, if you are using taxis, then you should have skills in bargaining. But if you are looking for private hire, then select that one which charges the lowest. There are many private hire services that charge less than taxis. So, be smart when taking a decision.

So, these are the five basic differences between taxis and private hires. 
Both taxis and private hires have plus and minus points. All you need is to decide which one is better for you.

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