What do you need to know about private hire and taxis?

There are many humans who don’t have a car or their own vehicle in which they could travel easily or drop their kids or family members to their schools or any other places. Such people are always looking for taxis or private hires. All they want is cheap travelling service, which only a few people could get. Have you got the cheapest travelling service ever? If no, then it means you need to know about taxis and private hires. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to go to your workplaces for cheap on your own. So, make it affordable by learning the basics.

Taxis and private hires are the services that provide assistance to the public in travelling. They both are available in all places in the country. So, it doesn’t mean that you are forced to use any one of them at any moment.

However, there are some differences between them. Some of the basic differences are:

Public Transport

Taxis are basically made for all public in which a lady or man can travel alone. On the other hand, private hires are private. There are many private cab services which provide cab services. Such services’ provision is called private hire.


You can have a taxi anywhere easily. You don’t need to make any booking. However, in private hires, you need to book a car. You need to go to the website of the preferred travelling service and confirm the ride. You can then track the location of the driver or the car. You would have all the information about the car. Whereas in taxis, you may don’t know the name of the driver, at many times. All you can know is the colour.


All taxis are roaming on roads in black colour. And it is the colour which will tell you which one of the two cars is a taxi. On the other hand, private hires are available in different cars, except black.


Drivers! That’s the main point. Drivers of both services are trained and well behaved. The difference arrives in their skills. Drivers of taxis are very much experienced. They know ways of many of the roads. They pass through a long process to become a driver of taxis. That’s why they have CBR checked and PCO approved a license. However, on the other hand, drivers of private hire have knowledge about ways and roads, but not as much as public transport drivers have. Yet, they get a license in less span of time after training for a few months. But they need to be indulged with any company. They cannot work on their own like taxis drivers.


Fare is the main point. It is the one which decides what should be preferred the most. So dear public transport users, if you are using taxis, then you should have skills in bargaining. But if you are looking for private hire, then select that one which charges the lowest. There are many private hire services that charge less than taxis. So, be smart when taking a decision.

So, these are the five basic differences between taxis and private hires. 
Both taxis and private hires have plus and minus points. All you need is to decide which one is better for you.

How to travel from Heathrow Airport to Stanford Station for the cheapest!

Waiting at the airport is too tiresome!
Do you find it tiresome?
If yes, then why do you prefer to wait?
Don’t wait and book a ride at LHR cars!

LHR cars can make your travelling easier with its best service. The drivers can drop you from Heathrow airport to Stanford Station. And their cars have TFL’s approved license. Their drivers are also well trained. They know the shortest ways to drop you at any place on time. So that you won’t get late.

LHR Services


LHR cars booking is open all the time. You can book the ride at any time in 24 hours of the day. The driver will be in front of you as the ride will be booked.  You have four ways to book the ride.

These three ways are:

  1. Log on to our website http://www.lhrcarslondon.com
  2. Avail our 24-hour open chat, or
  3. Calling from UK: 0203 101 1111
    Calling from outside UK: +44 (0) 203 101 1111.

As the ride is booked, email and or message will be given to you to update you about the driver and location of car.

The location of car or driver can be tracked via application or computer through their website. And if you are a teenager who is not allowed to travel alone, then you can share link with your family or friends.

Airport and Station Transfers:

Our service is not limited. We can provide assistance in luggage as well. Moreover, our driver and control group can change the taxicab if you want, because of your luggage. All you need is to inform us.

Furthermore, our drivers are polite. They greet their customers at station or airport.
Our cars are being operated at different places. You can find our cars in all places of United Kingdom to provide the most comfortable service for the cheapest.
You can select any car of your choice. You can select the most expensive car to the cheapest one. All it is up to you.


Professional drivers are hired by LHR cars. They further trained by senior drivers to make them the best. That’s the reason, why our drivers are benign and polite the most. They all have CRB checked license which is also approved by DBS and Public Carriage Office or PCO. Therefore, the top service is guaranteed.

Fleet of cars:

LHR cars have a fleet of well-maintained cars. They have variety in it. The company has the biggest to the smallest cars. Moreover, special services are provided if you make a request. Baby seat or big car can be provided to you if you are travelling with kids or family or friends. One of its special services includes 8 seater car.

Friendly Relations:

Nothing works in formal relations. That’s what we believe! Therefore, we, the team of LHR, always try its best to foster friendly relations with their customers, so that they can tell their issues regarding booking and luggage easily on chat or email address. That’s why our drivers are also trained to be friendly to riders.

LHR cars understand the value of empathy and friendship. We understand that how much emotional we all humans are. That’s the reason why we are growing at pace!

LHR cars is considered as one of the best taxi services which drops or picks the riders from Heathrow airport or Stanford station on time for the cheapest. If you really want to avail our services, then log on to our site or use our mobile application and get the best for the cheapest!

Taxis at Gatwick airport

Are you standing at Gatwick airport?

Are you looking for a taxi over there?

heathrow taxi

If yes, then don’t be anxious. Because LHR cars are there to provide you with the service which you want!
Lhr cars provide the most affordable service of Gatwick Airport taxis which you desire to have. But most importantly, services are not compromised. And it is an honour for us that we can provide the best service for the cheapest.


The employees and workers at LHR are pleased to provide such facilities which can make our riders comfortable and delighted. That’s the reason why Gatwick Airport Service of ours is always ready to support its riders and users. Therefore, we have fleet and rows of cars which guarantees to provide amazing deals and spotless. However, our customers play an important in all of this. Because it is their feedback and comments that make us keep on improving our services.

If you want to avail our service from the plane terminal, then our drivers are here to drop you off at the desired location. All you need is to make a call. Our Gatwick airport service is not so current. We are present for years in this driving market. All we do is updating it.

Moreover, we have empathetic employees and drivers. That’s why you don’t need to take tension after your plane has been landed. Because they will be there in the Gatwick area. They can wait for you for an hour. They won’t charge you extra money if they have to wait for 15 minutes for you. The flights are screened by our drivers so that timings can be modified if there is any alteration in your flight timings. And dear users, no extra money will be charged if your flight would be delayed.

So many people have approached us since LHR cars have come into existence. And 99 per cent of them has said that our drivers are there on time to pick them up. And that same graph has been going on. It is that graph and consistency that makes whole LHR cars different from others in the market of taxi service, which includes not only drivers, but the whole support system is there which includes a control group who are supplied with latest technology and GPS system. Moreover, we do each of our work legally.

Our drivers have a license. Our cars are registered. CRB of each driver is checked. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything.

24 hours Service

So, dear airport landers, don’t waste your credit and time on making calls to avail affordable Gatwick airport taxi service. Instead of all of this, log on to our website lhrcarslondon.com and book your ride. You have options to select any of the cheapest cars to ride on. It would be much smaller than the others. But the service is guaranteed. Moreover, the helpline is always open and you can book a taxi any time or you can ask about pickup points. Furthermore, taxicab can be changed if you want because of your luggage. All you need is to have to email it to us or discuss all of this to a driver on chat.

Furthermore, taxicab can be changed if you want because of your luggage. All you need is to have to email it to us or discuss all of this to a driver on chat.

Are Taxis expensive in London?

Travelling by taxis or buses creates the panic the most than travelling by yourselves or by the car of your friends who used to pick or drop you. But, travelling is must. After all, you cannot sit at home all the time. You have to go to work. You have to do for laundry. And most importantly, you have to go for yourselves too to any place. But, taxis and buses do charge. That’s why people try to avoid using public or private transport to save their pennies or cents for other times when there would be need of money.
Now, this is the scenario of all over the world!
But what is the case of London?
Is taxi expensive there or not?
Do you know its charges?
If your answer is NO, then read below.


London taxis which can be roaming around in black car are used a lot by the residents and citizens of London, because of their being available at stone’s throw.
Each private company and public transport service’s taxis can be seen everywhere. And all of them can drop you anywhere, yet the place should not be 12 miles away, except Heathrow airport taxi services which can drop you at any place. But remember, they charge more.

Minimum to Maximum:

heathrow taxi

The minimum cost of each taxi is £2.60 in London. All taxis in the capital city of England are metered. But, when you avail the service on special occasions like New Year or Christmas or to go to the airport, then the taxi driver may charge you more.
But other fares, if you want to give them tip, you give him or her as much money as want to give a tip. It is up to you.
Moreover, you can pay money or fares by debit cards or credit card. The black cabs won’t charge you extra because of card payment.


All taxis in London offers different facilities.
The first and foremost facility is that you can choose any sized taxis. They are available in small size (minicabs) and large sizes too. 
The other facilities are that all taxis have wheelchair ad decent seats and proper windows. And moreover, there are some taxis which have other relaxing facilities too. Such cabs are usually used by travellers and tourists. Such cabs have:

  • Intercom
  • Swivel seat
  • Large handles
  • Patches at the seat sights
  • Ramps
  • Steps, and
  • Induction loop.

Safety first:

There is nothing bad to use taxi services in London. But, it is advised to the users to take care of themselves. Because, there are many unregistered minicabs too in London, who look around for customers. Such services have no record of your travelling. And this thing might bring dangers and difficulties. Therefore, it is good and the safest to travel in registered cabs.
Such registered services offer metered cabs and record the complete details of your travelling. Taxis are not expensive in London. Only you need is to be aware, that how many miles you are travelling. Otherwise, it may cost you which you have expected. And unexpected fares appears to be expensive.

The most punctual Heathrow Airport Taxi Service

Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe and second busiest airport in the world. It means that many of them go their respective places and countries via Heathrow airport. No doubt Heathrow is the best way to travel, but is it easy to reach at the busiest airport on time?

No, it is not easy to reach at Heathrow on time for your flight! After all, it is not at stone’s throw from many of your houses. That’s why you can get late to reach, or you can be asked to pay more than usual.
But, don’t worry, there is a way to reach on time. And that way is Heathrow Airport Taxi services.

Every Transportation Company provides a special Heathrow airport taxi service to its clients. But there are some which is considered as the best taxi service. Among the best cars services is London LHR Cars.

London Taxi Service

heathrow taxi

London LHR Cars is the most recommended transportation service in the whole United Kingdom whenever it comes to reach at Heathrow or go away from Heathrow to any other place in the whole city. There are many reasons of its being considered as the best. But the most, important reason is punctuality.

London LHR Cars’ Heathrow taxi service drops you or picks you on time from Heathrow on the mentioned time. All you need to do is to go to its website and confirm your trip. And then the taxi will be there at the given location and drops you wherever you want from Heathrow or to Heathrow in the most affordable charges.

Unlike other Heathrow taxi services, London LHR Cars charge not too much. It charges what the actual amount is. Yet, it depends on you that which car you have selected.
Every person has luggage to carry. There are travellers who have so much luggage. Yet, there are some tourists who carry only a bag or a hand carry. Therefore, it gives an option to select the car.
That’s why the charges depend on your location and your selected car. But don’t worry you will drop you or pick your from Heathrow for cheap. After all, London LHR Cars’ drivers are not less professional!

Airport Taxi

London LHR Cars hire professional drivers who know the location of almost every place in London. And that’s the reason why they can drop you at Heathrow or pick you from Heathrow on time without any delay. And that’s the reason why they can drop at any location from Heathrow or to Heathrow from any location.
Moreover, drivers can drop you from one airport to another airport.
Take an example of Gatwick. You can travel to Gatwick from Heathrow or from Gatwick to Heathrow.
And not only this, the transportation company has another facility too.
You can choose London LHR Cars many other airport taxi services too. It can provide you pick and drop from or to other airports too. The company is not limited to Heathrow only when it comes to airport taxi services. London LHR Cars can pick you or drop at any location from or to Heathrow easily. All you need to do is to confirm your time. You have to tell them in flight time too when you have to reach there so that the company can offer you the best service.
So, book now and enjoy travelling.