Are Taxis expensive in London?

Travelling by taxis or buses creates the panic the most than travelling by yourselves or by the car of your friends who used to pick or drop you. But, travelling is must. After all, you cannot sit at home all the time. You have to go to work. You have to do for laundry. And most importantly, you have to go for yourselves too to any place. But, taxis and buses do charge. That’s why people try to avoid using public or private transport to save their pennies or cents for other times when there would be need of money.
Now, this is the scenario of all over the world!
But what is the case of London?
Is taxi expensive there or not?
Do you know its charges?
If your answer is NO, then read below.


London taxis which can be roaming around in black car are used a lot by the residents and citizens of London, because of their being available at stone’s throw.
Each private company and public transport service’s taxis can be seen everywhere. And all of them can drop you anywhere, yet the place should not be 12 miles away, except Heathrow airport taxi services which can drop you at any place. But remember, they charge more.

Minimum to Maximum:

heathrow taxi

The minimum cost of each taxi is £2.60 in London. All taxis in the capital city of England are metered. But, when you avail the service on special occasions like New Year or Christmas or to go to the airport, then the taxi driver may charge you more.
But other fares, if you want to give them tip, you give him or her as much money as want to give a tip. It is up to you.
Moreover, you can pay money or fares by debit cards or credit card. The black cabs won’t charge you extra because of card payment.


All taxis in London offers different facilities.
The first and foremost facility is that you can choose any sized taxis. They are available in small size (minicabs) and large sizes too. 
The other facilities are that all taxis have wheelchair ad decent seats and proper windows. And moreover, there are some taxis which have other relaxing facilities too. Such cabs are usually used by travellers and tourists. Such cabs have:

  • Intercom
  • Swivel seat
  • Large handles
  • Patches at the seat sights
  • Ramps
  • Steps, and
  • Induction loop.

Safety first:

There is nothing bad to use taxi services in London. But, it is advised to the users to take care of themselves. Because, there are many unregistered minicabs too in London, who look around for customers. Such services have no record of your travelling. And this thing might bring dangers and difficulties. Therefore, it is good and the safest to travel in registered cabs.
Such registered services offer metered cabs and record the complete details of your travelling. Taxis are not expensive in London. Only you need is to be aware, that how many miles you are travelling. Otherwise, it may cost you which you have expected. And unexpected fares appears to be expensive.

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